Water Management Strategy

Contents of the Strategy

Article 30

Strategies and water management in the territory of the Republic of Serbia (hereinafter: the Strategy) is a planning document that sets long-term directions of water management.

The strategy contains in particular:

1) assessment of the existing status of water management;

2) water management objectives and guidelines ;

3) measures for achieving the stated objectives of water management;

4) projection of water management development.

Assessment of the existing status of water management includes:

1) assessment of the state of water resources and water regime in the Republic of Serbia;

2) the existing state of water facilities and systems;

3) The current legal and institutional ordination in the field of water management.

The objectives and guidelines for water management are determined by:

1) objectives of water management and sustainable development;

2) guidelines for the maintenance of and improvement of the water regime;

3) Priorities for achieving water management objectives and water regime improvement, in line with sustainable development;

4) guidelines for Binding Water, Water-round protection, and protection against harmful effects of water, including when the sub-basin is the Flex water area;

5) guidelines for the implementation of international agreements related to water management;

6) The basic determinants of the monitoring and information system for achieving water management in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Measures to achieve the defined objectives of water management are:

1) planning and implementation plans;

2) method of financing;

3) preparing investments and investing;

4) maintenance of;

5) control.

The projection of the development of water management in the Republic of Serbia determines:

1) water needs and the ability to provide sufficient water quantity of a certain quality for different purposes;

2) Water Framework Balance;

3) activities, means and deadlines for reaching the objectives referred to in paragraph 2, item 2) of this Article, in the use of water, to protect water and protect against the harmful effects of waters and priorities;

4) financing of construction and reconstruction will water facilities and systems, and other activities of interest opteg of importance for the Republic of Serbia, autonomous province and local government;

5) measures of economic policy, funding and investment dynamics for achieving the stated objectives of water management;

6) the necessary professional and other capacities to achieve stated objectives of water management;

7) other measures for achieving the stated objectives of water management.

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