Water advice

Water advice

Establishment and scope of work

Article 140

In order to consider expert questions, give expert opinions and participate in the implementation of project tasks in the field of water management, the Minister, in accordance with the regulations regulated by the state administration, establishes a special working group – Council for Water (in Hereinafter : the Council).

Jobs of the Council

Article 141

The Council performs the following tasks:

1) considers and gives opinions on draft laws and other regulations that regulate water management issues;

2) review and saponification to the proposal of the Strategy and water management plan;

3) Suggests improvements in water status.

2nd National to onferencij for water

Establishment and composition

Article 14 2 .

In order to ensure the impact of the public in water management, the Government established a National to onferencij in the water (hereinafter: the National Conference).

The National Conference has 14 members, appointed by the Government, at the proposal of the Ministry, for a period of four years.

National to onferencij to make representatives of local governments from each river basin district, representatives of water users and udruenja citizens.

The National Conference brings its rules of procedure.

The work of the National Conference is public.

The funds for the work of the National Conference are provided in the budget of the Republic of Serbia.

Scope of work

Article 14 3 .

National to onferencij and performs the following tasks:

1) monitors the implementation of the Strategy and the Water Management Plan;

2) participate in the public debate in preparation of water management plans;

3) monitors the implementation of the water management plan in the water area;

4) makes proposals for improvements to public involvement in the planning process, drafting the decisions and control their implementation;

5) Provide suggestions for educating the public on the importance of water, on the need to rationalize water consumption and water conservation and the role of water facilities in providing services.

The National Conference submits a report on its work to the Government, once a year.

Administrative and technical tasks for the needs of the National Conference are carried out by the Ministry.

3. Association of water users

Article 144

In order to provide conditions for various types of water use (irrigation, fishponds and other) or protection against the harmful effects of water, interested persons on a part of the water area , or in the land reclamation area or part thereof , may establish a user association of water users, In accordance with a special law.

4. Scientific research organization

Article 14 5 .

Study research work of special importance for water management is carried out by a scientific research organization authorized by the Ministry to perform these tasks.

The Minister shall issue a decision authorizing a legal entity referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article if:

1) act of the ministry responsible for scientific research activities on the fulfillment of conditions for carrying out scientific and research activities of general interest in the field of water management;

2) references to perform duties under paragraph 1 of this Article.

The minister’s decision referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article is finally in the administrative procedure and an administrative dispute can be initiated against him.

The list of authorized legal entities referred to in paragraph 2 of this Article shall be published on the website of the Ministry.

5. Public enterprise for regional and multi-purpose hydrosystems

Article 14 6 .

Regional and multipurpose hydrosystems are complex hydrosystems that serve to provide water needs (water supply, irrigation, water protection, protection against harmful effects of water) in the territory of two or more units Local self-government.

The management and maintenance of the hydrosystem referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be carried out by a public enterprise established by the units of local self-government for which water needs are provided.



Article 14 7 .

The Ministry and the Public Water Supply Company , provide the public with the provision of information by means of public information, or the issuing of official information.

Water information system

Article 1 48 .

For the purpose of classification of water, monitoring and improvement of water regime, planning of development of water systems and water management in the Republic of Serbia a water information system is established.

Water information system ensures the formation, maintenance, presentation and distribution of data on: the status of water quality, classes of water bodies of surface and groundwater, water documentation, legislative, organizational, strategic and planning measures in the field of water management, Technical and other information of importance for water management and information exchange with other information systems at the national and international level.

The Minister shall closely prescribe the content and manner of conducting the information system referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, the methodology, structure, categories and levels of data collection as well as the content of the information notified to the public.

Establishment and management of a water information system

Article 1 49 .

The water information system is established and managed by the Ministry.

Water information systems are established by water and public water management companies as part of the water information system referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article.