Prohibitions and restrictions


1. Prohibitions and restrictions

Article 13 3 .

For the purpose of preservation and maintenance of water bodies of surface and ground waters and protective and other water facilities, prevention of water pollution, provision of large water passages and the implementation of flood protection, as well as environmental protection , it is forbidden:

  1. kopOn dikes and other water objects, dig and dispose of material, feed large cattle, to draw cut trees, to cross and drive a motor vehicle, except in places where it is permitted and perform other actions that could endanger the stability of the silent Objects;
  2. on aquatic soil:

1) build objects that reduce the permeability of the trough,

2) Dispose of solid waste and hazardous and harmful material,

3) Store wood and other solid material in a manner that violates the conditions for the passage of large waters,

4) plant trees on a defensive embankment, in the inundation zone of the ridge at least 10 m from the undamaged bulkhead to the watercourse; in the defended zone contrary to the water conditions;

5) Follow vehicles and other machinery,

6) Do other actions, except in the case of:

(1) the construction of public infrastructure facilities in accordance with this or a separate law,

(2) the implementation of measures for the preservation, promotion and presentation of natural values,

(3) construction of facilities for water use, watercourse regulation, navigation provision and the implementation of protective measures on natural baths, in accordance with this Law,

(4) construction of facilities for protecting water from pollution,

(5) construction of facilities intended for the defense of the state,

(6) the formation of temporary dumps of beet and sand so as not to disturb the passage of large waters, and at a distance not less than 30 m from the unbleached nightfall of the embankment,

(7) undertaking actions to protect people, animals and property,

(8) the exploitation of mineral resources in accordance with this and special law;

The third in a flood plain build objects in a way which hinders the flow of water and ice, or contrary to the regulations for the construction of flood plain;

  1. plant trees on a defensive embankment, in the inundation zone of irine at least 10 m from the unbranched dove to the watercourse and in the defending zone at a distance of up to 50 m from the inner embankment of the embankment;
  2. tocollect wells, trenches and channels along the embankments in a zone of at least 10 m from the undamaged bulkhead to the watercourse, or up to 50 m towards the defended area, unless their function is to protect against the harmful effects of water Or it has been proven that the embankment stability has not been endangered by technical documentation, done in accordance with this Law;

Sixth m Begin intersect or underground waters or iskorićavati and water in the volume which ugroava potable water or technologically, ugroavaju mineral and thermal sources, the stability of the ground and objects;

  1. tochange the direction and volume of the surface water flow naturally flowing or leaving the water-bearing land which is privately owned;

8th build facilities, plant trees, plow and dig the land and carry out other actions that disturb the function or stability ugroava land reclamation drainage channels and mutual belt width of at least 5 m of those channels take actions that interferes with regular Maintaining these channels;

  1. Disposesolid waste and other materials to watercourses, accumulations, retention, reclamation and other channels, refer to contaminated water or other substances and perform actions that can cause water and the watercourse to flow, affect To change its route, water levels, quantity and quality of water, jeopardize the stability of protective and other water bodies or impede the maintenance of the water system;
  2. Tocarry out, without appropriate water acts, trough interventions (shore securing, rebuilding of troughs, spillage and deepening of troughs, etc.);
  3. carryout works that could endanger the stability of the dam or its purpose, as well as alter the natural conditions surrounding the accumulation and retention basins in such a way as to cause slipping of the terrain, erosion or formation of watercourses and torrents;
  4. Executeother works that could endanger stability and impede the maintenance of regulatory, protective and other water facilities.

The ban on the execution of the actions referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article may also be carried out outside the boundaries of the watercourse if such actions would endanger the water regime or water facilities.

2. Obligations

Acts of suffering

If flax 134th

The owner or user of aquatic land is obliged to:

1) allow passage through zemljita persons who OVLAC to premeravaju, recorded, engineered and obeleavaju the ground or water for construction or reconstruction of water facilities, the faces of which a boiling inspection, as And persons performing works on the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of these facilities ;

2) d relax Binding troughs great water and shores s river in the width of 5 m to persons who are not OVLAC boiling Scoreboard and maintenance of river beds and banks;

3) provide a suitable Binding material from his zemljita, and the passage of persons and machinery, for flood protection;

4) allow the free flow of water coming from the upstream, without changing the direction and speed of water;

5) Mr. azd uje forests in inundation area so it is not interfered with the natural runoff of water and ice;

6) enable the temporary deposit of materials extracted from a watercourse, lake or reservoir where the works of execution and its pumping through this zemljita ;.

7) Allow the installation and operation of measuring instruments necessary for research, excavation or drilling, experimental pumping, sampling and other activities related to water exploration for water supply or other survey activities, under Conditions and in the manner prescribed by this or other law, as well as for water monitoring purposes.

The owner, or user of the real estate located in the sanitary protection zone, is obliged to adapt the manner of utilization of the real estate to the conditions determined for use and maintenance of the sanitary protection zone.

The owner or user of the land is entitled to compensation of actual damage in the cases referred to in paragraph 1, item 1), 2) , 3) and 6) of this Article, as well as for the use of materials from paragraph 1, item 3) of this Article.

Mutual p ights and obligations which will arise in connection with the execution of the works from paragraph 1 items . 1) , 2) , 3) and 6) of this member agreement governing the strand diameter or the user zemljita investor .

Take action

Article 13 5 .

The owner, or user of a watercourse or a water facility on the coast, is obliged to, in the part on which the owner or user is :

1) participates, according to the instructions of the public water management company, in carrying out minor works on the maintenance of the tanks for large water, except for the taps for small water, for the purpose of preventing erosion, coasting or reducing the permeability of water troughs;

2) I remove or participate , according to the instructions of the public water management company, in removing from the watercourse or from my country of objects that can damage the water regime;

3) Remove the tree from the torrents of the torrential flow.

The owner, or user of a watercourse, has the right to reimburse the value of the used material for the works referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article.

If the owner or user fails or I do not take part in the works referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, the work will be performed by public water management company , at the expense of the owner and, or user of a zemljita.

If the owner or user is unknown, or if due to the need for the execution of works due to more force, the works will be carried out by a public water undertaking .

Obligations of persons using buildings whose construction raises the level of water

Article 136

In the operator or user of objects in a watercourse whose construction permanently increases the level of water of the natural watercourse and increases the costs of protecting against the harmful effects of water, it is imperative that :

1) build Supplementary Restraint System or compensate increased the costs of the legal entity undertaken and m and additional measures protection against harmful effects of water ;

2) take part in the cruise of protective water structures;

3) participate in the implementation of flood control.

Determination of the right of chance

Article 137

Owner, or user of zemljita Duan allow it through its zemljita companion and owner, or user of performance di rad e o d management, and d of managing water to their homes and land, if for no more appropriate Technical on or economically on ordination.

If the owners or users of the land do not reach an agreement on determining the right to be heard and the amount of the appropriate compensation, the decision is made by the court.

Connection to the public water supply in the village settlement

Article 138

Legal and physical persons who did not participate in the construction of rural waterworks can be connected to rural waterworks if:

1) Plumbing, considering the quantity of water, can satisfy the needs of all users ;

2) to the supply conduit can not in an economical and rational way reiti technically different.

The person referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall issue a permit for connection to the competent authority of the local self- government unit.

A person referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article which is joined on to rural water supply Duno is that:

1) Compensate part of the cost of construction ;

2) From the connection time, the associated part of the costs and maintenance and utilization of the water supply ;

3) bears all the insurance costs will jack.

Removal of damages

Article 139

LEGAL about or natural person who e burned water regime or the state of erosion of the erosion area, dun about is that, in the period determined by the competent inspector for water management, the executive actions of establishing conditions that Existed before the damage was incurred.

If the person referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article fails to perform the actions within a certain period of time, such actions will be carried out by a public water undertaking, that is, the competent authority of the local self-government unit in the case of erosion area, the cost of the person who caused the damage in .