Water Act

Types of water acts

Article 113

Working ensuring uniform water regime and achieving water management , in accordance with the provisions of the bill, issued in the removal of the measure.

Water acts are administrative acts that are adopted in accordance with the regulation governing the general administrative procedure.

Water acts are:

1) water conditions;

2) water approval;

3) water permit;

4) water order .

Water acts are also in accordance with the Strategy, Water Management Plan and appropriate technical documentation.

Drafting the water even while this and decide on appeals

Article 114

Water Act is passed by the Ministry on the territory of the Autonomous Province, the competent authority of the Autonomous Province, in the territory of the City of Belgrade, the competent body of the City, and in the territory of the local self-government unit, the competent authority of the local self-government unit, within two months from the date of filing Request for issuing a water act.

The application for the issuance of water acts referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be submitted by a person who, in accordance with the law regulating the planning and construction of facilities, obtains a building permit , develops spatial or urban plans, as well as a person who gazes in the forests (hereinafter: the applicant Request).

Against the water act referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, issued by the competent authority of the autonomous province, the competent body of the City, or the competent authority of the local self-government unit, an appeal may be lodged to the inspector within 15 days from Days of delivery of this water act.

The water act referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article brought by the Minister is final in the administrative procedure and an administrative dispute may be initiated against this act .

The Minister shall prescribe the contents and form of the request for issuing water acts.

1.1. Water conditions

Issue of water conditions

Article 115

Water conditions shall be issued in the process of preparation of technical documentation for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing facilities and the performance of other works that can permanently, occasionally or temporarily influence the changes in the water regime, ie to endanger the environmental objectives, as well as the development of planning documents for Arrangement of space and management of forests.

Water conditions shall determine the technical and other requirements that must be fulfilled during the construction and reconstruction of facilities, the preparation of planning documents and the performance of other works referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, in order to comply with the provisions of this Law and the regulations adopted on the basis of it.

Notwithstanding paragraph 1 of this Article, water conditions shall not be issued in the case of:

1) the connection of new or reconstructed residential or small business and other facilities to public water supply and sewerage , and use water only for drinking and sanitary needs ;

2) construction of the well and the drinking water supply of a household ;

3) the construction of the irrigation system and the surface is up to 1 ha , and the fuel consumption of irrigation water to 2500 m 3 in the vegetation period;

4) use of water for firefighting and defense of the country ;

5) use of the flood and inundation area for pastures and meadows.

Consideration of water conditions

Article 116

Water conditions shall cease to exist after the expiration of two years from the day of their issuance, if no request for issuing a water consent has been submitted within that period.

Facilities, works and planning documents for which water conditions are issued

Article 117

Water conditions are issued for the construction or reconstruction of facilities, execution of works, preparation of planning documents, for:

1) dam with accumulation;

2) the public and the water supply ;

3) regional hydrometeorological system;

4) hydroelectric power plant, thermal power plant, nuclear facility ;

5) an industrial and other facility for which water and water from surface and underground waters , as well as for industrial and other facilities whose wastewater is discharged into surface waters, groundwater or public sewage ;

6) wastewater treatment plant and sewage and sewage treatment facility;

7) main and regional road, railways and bridges on them, airport;

8) the passageway , the waterway and the road, the port, the marina and the harbor ;

9) industrial and municipal landfill ;

10) main and pipeline, gas pipeline, transmission line, substation , product line , cable line beneath the river bed for transmission of electricity, TT and fiber and cable ;

11) drainage system ;

12) System for the dewatering ;

13) system for drainage of atmospheric waters of the settlement;

14) Underground and overhead storage facilities for oil and its derivatives and other hazardous and priority substances ;

15) storage on the shores of substances that can pollute water ;

16) development of spatial (spatial plan of a local self-government unit) and urban (general and regulatory) plans;

17) management plans for forests in aquatic land;

18) mining Istria and exploitation works and facilities;

19) landscaping of watercourses and construction of protective water facilities ;

20) rinse the accumulation lake or clean the deposited sediment from the accumulation lake ;

21) Exploitation and landfilling on aquatic soil: river deposits, rock and other materials from the watercourse, riverbeds, river alluvions and the coast of natural watercourses, natural and artificial reservoirs ; Peat for horticulture ; Re-exploitation of the exploitation field and the immediate environment , upon completion of exploitation;

22) Metal enrichment or increase in the volume of undergrounds issued ;

23) pond ;

24) construction or overburden of buried and rena wells, as well as other estates for mining, geological and other works ;

25) public skiing;

26) Public water supply in a rural village ;

27) planting of trees and bunny plants and their cutting in a trough for large water and on the coast ;

28) changing the cadastral culture of the land on the erosion area ;

29) Vodka and housing facility on abortion ;

30) other facility and works that may temporarily, occasionally or permanently cause changes in the water regime or which may be affected by the aquatic environment.

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