Concept in one good

Article 4

Water well, in terms of this law, is water and aquatic land.

Water resources shall be used in the manner and under the conditions laid down by this Law.

Public water well

Article 5

Waters are good from general interest and are owned by the state.

Water and publicly owned water resources are public water resources.

The public water well is inalienable.

The public water well is used in a way that does not affect the water and the coastal ecosystem and does not limit the rights of others.

Under the conditions laid down by this Law and a special law, the right to use the right to use a public watercourse may be acquired.

Water distribution

Article 6

Surface waters in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, according to their importance for water management, are divided into waters of the first order and water of the second order based on the established criteria, namely: the position of the watercourse in relation to the state border, the size and Characteristics of the watersheds, rivers and characteristics of the watercourses from the aspect of water use, protection of water and protection against the harmful effects of water.

The Government shall establish a list of waters of the order I.

Intercontinental waters are necessarily classified in the waters of the 1st order.

All surface waters that are not identified as waters and order are considered waters of the 2nd order.

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