The term

Article 13

Water facilities, within the meaning of this Law, are buildings and other facilities, which, together with the appliances belonging to them, constitute a technical or technological unit, and serve for the performance of aquatic activities (hereinafter: water facilities).

Water facilities are of good general interest, except for buildings built by legal and natural persons for their own needs.


Article 14

According to the purpose, water facilities are divided into water facilities for :

1) landscaping of watercourses;

2) protection against floods, erosion and torrents;

3) protection from the harmful effects of inland waters – drainage;

4) use of water;

5) collection, drainage and waste water treatment and protection of water;

6) monitoring water.

Water facilities for watercourse regulation

Article 15

Water facilities for watercourse management are: coastal sections, bulkheads, thresholds, nails and other objects in the river bed, intended for its stabilization and improvement of flow regimes (hereinafter: regulation facilities), as well as vertical riverbeds (channels , Averages, separated river beds).

V or the object and for protection from floods, erosion and flood

Article 16

Water facilities for flood protection (hereinafter: protective water facilities) are: main, secondary and summer dykes with associated facilities (constitution, pumping stations), quay and defensive walls, reservoir and lateral channels, as well as dams With accumulations and retention with associated flood protection facilities and other flood protection facilities.

An integral part of the dams for flood protection referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall also be considered a protective zone with forest and protected greenery (protective dams) in the inundation area, in the width of 50 m next to the embankment, the drainage channels are parallel A dike in the protected area, at a distance of 10 m to 50 m from the embankment night (depending on the characteristics of the watercourse and the object), as well as the service roads in the protected area for the implementation of the flood defense.

Water facilities for protection from erosion and torrents are: barriers, constitutions, regulation of downstream streams, coastal lines, biotechnical facilities and other facilities for protection against erosion and torrents.

V or the object and for protection against harmful effects of inner water – drainage

Article 17

Water objects for protection against inundation of inland waters – drainage are objects :

1) basic drainage network: main and collection drainage channels into which the waters from the land reclamation system or part thereof are drained, with facilities and devices on them (bridges and gaps on the channels, siphons, stairs, speeds, , Pumping stations and the like) and main pumping stations and installations for discharging water from the system to the recipient (natural, or rather, watercourse);

2) a canal network for drainage: detailed channels directly to drain water from the agricultural and other surfaces and their transfer to the collecting channels, and the detailed object drains (misses, traps, bathing, chutes-flowings, constitutions , Pumping stations, and the like).

Water facilities for water use

Article 18

Water facilities for the use of water are buildings:

1) for supply of drinking water and sanitary and hygiene needs – water intakes (wells, caps, watercourses, canals, lakes and dams with accumulations), drinking water treatment plants, main pipelines and reservoirs with appliances Whatever they belong to;

2) for irrigation: interventions from watercourses, canals, lakes and dams with accumulations, main channels and secondary networks belonging to them;

3) for the production of hydroelectric power and other purposes – dams with accumulations, inlet and drainage channels and devices belonging to them;

4) for fish breeding – fishponds;

5) for navigation – facilities to ensure the safety of navigation on the waterway on irrigation and drainage channels and the ship’s conductors on them.

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