Coastal land

Article 9

Coastal land, for the purposes of this law, is the land belt next to the trough for a large watercourse that serves the maintenance of protective structures and troughs for large water and other activities related to water management.

The width of the belt of the coastal land referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be:

1) in the area unplanned from floods up to 10 m ;

2) in the area protected from floods up to 50 m (depending on the size of the watercourse or protective object), counting from the dash of the embankment towards the defended area.

Notwithstanding paragraph 2 of this Article the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (hereinafter: Ministry), in the territory of the autonomous province of competence nor authority of the autonomous province, and n and the city of Belgrade competence nor authority of Belgrade (hereinafter: : The competent body of the City), may also determine a different type of coastal land , if necessary:

1) protect water, aquatic and coastal ecosystems;

2) water treatment;

3) Secure goods of special values ​​and capital facilities;

4) performing other affairs of general interest, in accordance with this Law.

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