Basics to Determine Execution

Article 29

The court determines the execution only on the basis of an executable or verifiable document, unless otherwise provided by this law.

Enforcement documents

Article 30

Enforcement documents are:

1) the decision of the court and the executive court settlement,

2) an executive decision made in the administrative and prosecution procedure and settlement in the administrative procedure, if it is a fulfillment of the financial obligation and unless a special law provides otherwise,

3) other document which is legally designated as an executing document.

Decision and Settlement

Article 31

Court decision, according to this law, considered judgment, ordination, and other decisions given in court proceedings, and the Court arbitrale a Honor of the chamber, a court settlement is completed alignment in court, or arbitrage Court of Honor Chamber of Commerce.

By decision in the administrative procedure, within the meaning of this Law, the answer or conclusion that is brought by the administrative organs, services or legal entities that exercise public authority is considered, and the administrative settlement is considered to be settled in the administrative procedure .

Excellence of the decision

Article 32

The court’s decision to fulfill the claim is enforced if it has become lawful and if the deadline for voluntary fulfillment has passed. The deadline for voluntary fulfillment runs from the date of delivery of the decision to the executing officer, and ends on the last day of the deadline determined by a court decision, unless otherwise provided by law.

The court decision is loaded suffering or omission Turn over is when it becomes pravnosnana unless the izvrnoj correct set deadline for compliance e manners izvrnog Dunik with this obligation.

A decision rendered in an administrative proceeding shall be enforced if it has become enforceable under the rules governing such proceedings.

Based on the decision that has become part of a decision, execution can only be determined in relation to that part.

Enforcement shall also be determined on the basis of a court decision which has not become lawful or decisions rendered in an administrative proceeding which has not become final if it is prescribed by law that the proceeding does not stop the execution.

Excellence of alignment

Article 33

Judicial alignment and settlement concluded in the administrative procedure is executed if the search for settlement is due.

The dospel of the search is proven by a settlement record, a public document or a law by an overdue document.

Dospelism that can not be proven in the manner defined in paragraph 2 of this Article shall be proved by a judicial or final decision rendered in litigation or in an administrative proceeding defining the dignity.

Based on alignments and which has become izvrno in one part of execution is moe ordered only in this part.

Eligibility of execution document for execution

Article 34

The execution document is eligible for execution if the executing debtor and the executing officer are identified as well as the subject, type, extent and time of fulfillment of the obligation.

If the deadline for voluntary fulfillment of the obligation in the decision is not determined, this deadline is determined by the execution of the execution.

Determining and charging default interest

Article 35

If, after the issuance of the execution document, there has been a change in the rate of default interest, the court shall, upon the proposal of the executing debtor or the executing officer, impose on the execution of the default interest payment by Changed.

If you are in izvrnoj correct certain troke proceedings , the court shall, on a proposal izvrnog diff e Rioca ordination to determine the payment of default interest on the amount adjudicated troke at the prescribed rate from the date of drafting the document to reverse a Billing days.

Verodostojna isprava

Article 36

Execution for the purpose of earning money is also determined on the basis of a verifiable document.

Verifiable document in the sense of this law is:

1) Checks and Checks with a Protest and a Return Account, if necessary to establish a claim;

2) bonds and other securities issued in a series that entitle the holder to the payment of the nominal value;

3) invoice (invoice);

4) Performs from business books for the price of utility services , water supply, heat energy, garbage collection and similar services;

5) a public document constituting an executable monetary obligation, other than foreign public documents;

6) bank guarantee;

7) letter of credit;

8) Certified statements izvrnog Dunik which a instructed by izvrnog creditor to transfer funds.

Interest Accrual (Account) is also considered to be an interest calculation.

Verifiable document is eligible for execution if the executing debtor and executing officer, the subject, the type, the extent and the time of the fulfillment of the obligation are indicated.

When the verifiable document does not see the exact nature of the search, the execution is determined if the executing debtor has submitted a written statement that the claim came and marked the day of the revelation.

When a verifiable document is a means of payment, a shortened execution procedure will be executed at the request of the executing creditor.